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Secrets to Improving Mindfulness


In today’s world, there is a revolution in seeking mindfulness and adding mindful habits to our daily routines, but why? We already know that affirmative thinking is proven to positively impact and shape our lives, but mindfulness goes beyond our thoughts. Mindfulness, according to Greater Good Magazine at Berkeley, involves accepting our feelings and thoughts without passing judgment and without thinking there is a “right” or “wrong” way to feel in a certain moment.


A key component of practicing yoga is integrating mindfulness into your life. By engaging in deep breathing at the start and end of your yoga routine, you can set your thoughts on being open, attentive and fully present. In order to make the most out of yoga and ultimately to lead a better, more thoughtful life, you can improve mindfulness in the following ways:


Focus on Your Spirituality


Spirituality is closely linked to mindfulness and overall mental wellbeing. People who explore their inner selves and connect to the world and to people around them on a spiritual level are oftentimes happier and more content. One of the ways to develop a spiritual connection is to do a tarot card reading on yourself. It is important to know that tarot cards are not in fact a form of fortune-telling, but are a simple tool you can use to better understand your inner self.


Tarot cards each have unique meanings and are meant to connect you to the spiritual influences of the universe in order to better understand what is happening in your life. By using tarot cards, you can maintain a centered focus, relax your mind and ask the universe a certain question that may be troubling you. Using tarot cards for self-exploration is a great way to boost your spirituality and ultimately your mindfulness.


Treasure the Mundane


If you don’t want to focus on spirituality as a method to practice mindfulness, you can also use your everyday resources and routine to improve mindful thinking. At the start of each new day, you have to do a number of things: get out of bed, pick out clothing, eat or drink something for breakfast. This simple, mundane routine that we all have is actually a great resource for mindfulness, as there is plenty of beauty to be found in the small things.


One of the main teachings in Buddhism is to be present, and to pour your energy into whatever single activity you are doing in a single moment. As humans—especially busy ones—we are constantly thinking of what we have to do next, or tonight, or tomorrow. Instead, focus on your mundane actions that you do every day, like cooking dinner or folding laundry, and seek to be mindful while doing them. If you are reading, then only read. If you are watching television, then only watch television. This will improve your ability to step back, be mindful, and recognize the beauty in these simple moments.


By focusing on your spirituality and appreciating even the most mundane of activities on a daily basis, you can instill mindful practices into your everyday life and be a happier and healthier person.



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