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Affirmats Tips For A Healthy Down(DOG)-Apple Cider Vinegar For Pets

When you have a dog suffering from itchy skin or ears, you’ll do just about anything to help. And the more things we try, the more we buy… and things start getting expensive. So it’s nice when finding an itch-reliever is as easy as walking to your kitchen cupboard and grabbing some vinegar. Organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, to be exact. While apple cider vinegar has been touted to help with everything from boosting the immune system and detoxifying kidneys to helping lower cholesterol, here are three popular ways it can help your dog. Itchy Skin   ACV can help relieve itchy skin and rashes caused by yeast and poison ivy. The best way to apply is by making...

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Affirmats Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism Benefits

1. Yoga develops motor skills. Kids with autism frequently experience delayed motor development, which can be improved as yoga tones muscles, enhances balance and stability, and develops body awareness and coordination. As motor skills develop, children have a greater sense of their physical self in space and in relation to others, and can improve their gait and stability. This leads to…  2. Yoga improves confidence and social skills. Poor coordination often yields low self-esteem as kids may be singled out or teased for not moving or behaving like other children, or not excelling in sports and outdoor activities. By learning self-control and self-calming techniques through yoga, they are likely to grow confidence in interacting with other children and refine their...

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Affirmats Guide To Meditation

For beginners, Affirmats recommends a technique called vipassana (Pali, “insight”), which comes from the oldest tradition of Buddhism, the Theravada. The advantage of vipassana is that it can be taught in an entirely secular way. Experts in this practice generally acquire their training in a Buddhist context, of course—and most retreat centers in the U.S. and Europe still teach its associated Buddhist philosophy. Nevertheless, this method of introspection can be brought within any secular or scientific context without embarrassment. The same cannot be said for most other forms of “spiritual” instruction. The quality of mind cultivated in vipassana is generally referred to as “mindfulness” (the Pali word is sati), and there is a quickly growing literature on its psychological benefits....

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Affirmats Tips On Breathing Correctly

The breath is one of the most important aspects of Yoga. Breathing regulates your state of mind, your emotions, your concentration, as well as a variety of other things. Breathing alsoaffects our daily emotional state, concentration, stress level, and believe it or not, our sleeping patterns. Learning to breathe the right way will help us to be healthier, calmer and give us the ability to handle stressful life situations. Plus it makes you feel better!!! The correct form of breathing is to push the abdomen out while inhaling, and let it come back in naturally while exhaling. HOW TO BREATHE PROPERLY The diaphragm is the membrane that separates the lungs from the stomach. When we breathe in, our lungs fill...

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Why Men Should Do Yoga

Have you ever noticed the ratio of men to women in yoga class?  There are usually more women. However, many men are finding out what their wives, partners and friends have been telling them for a long time.  They are discovering how amazing one feels after a vigorous yoga class. Many men just wouldn't allow themselves to enjoy yoga. The many myths about yoga stood in their way: Yoga isn’t a decent workout; it’s too touchy-feely; you have to be flexible to do it; men’s bodies just aren’t built for pretzellike poses.  All of these excuses is what men shouted from the mountain tops. What happens is, a guy who doesn’t know about it, he associates it with things like Pilates or...

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