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Myrah Penaloza

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Favorite Yoga Pose: Breathing in Love

Myrah has been an affirmats ambassador since day one. Myrah’s inspirational acts of love and constant smile radiate with affirmats lifestlye… we can’t get enough of it! She is also the Co-Founder of “It’s Time to Bloom,” a place where intention meets action to create the space for possibility. Our gypsy yogi, Myrah, finds pure bliss in sharing her wonderfully made yoga practices, charismatic style, and motivating fitness regiments around the world.

Yoga Stories & Adventures:       

Bianca ZaraTarr

Brompton, South Adelaide Australia

Favorite Yoga Pose: Full Camel

Bianca is our fierce yoga supporting affirmats all the way in in Australia. She LOVES her sweaty Bikram Yoga. Yoga feeds her soul. We just love her cheerful strong vibes her at affirmats. "Yoga to me is satisfying; it gives me discipline, piece of mind, as well as internal and external growth." - Bianca

Yoga Stories & Adventures:                    

Savannah Latimer

Colorado, United States of America

Favorite Yoga Pose: Eagle

Savannah is our sweet and outdoorsy Dancer from Colorado, Denver, in fact.  She fell in love with yoga during her time in sunny LA; se had found her way to connect her mind and body to the Universe with (at the time) her new love, Yoga. We love her artistic and creative vibes she shares with the world. Check out her beautiful energy and epic adventures on her popular instagram, trust me! 

Yoga Stories & Adventures:
Savannah's Website                Savannah's YouTube
Savannah's Instagram             Savannah's Twitter

Kaela Saez

Ustaritz, France

Favorite Place to Practice Yoga: Near the River

Kaela is our quirky beautiful ambassador located in the gorgeous Ustaritz. She is a California native (love it), and has been passionate about yoga practices since 2010. After re-locating to the luscious Southern France, she opened her own yoga studio: Errobi Yoga, which offers a variety of yoga practices. We love this epic yoga poses, style and messages our rocking Kaela shares with the world. Check her vibes out and send some love!!

Yoga Stories & Adventures:
Kaela's Website                        Kaela's Yoga Studio
Kaela's Instagram                

Claire Missingham

London, England United Kingdom

Favorite Yoga Pose: Viparita Dandasana

Claire deems yoga as her passion, hobby, job, life-saver, and life-enhancer. She once owned her own dance company and since has created her own approach to Vinyasa Flow Yoga where she builds specific methods of creating karma and alignment then layering music, yogic philosophy, and real-stories. Affirmats is so proud of Claire for being the UK’s top Vinyasa teacher. Check out her yoga-glo classes; you won’t regret it!

Yoga Stories & Adventures:                          

Mary Clare Sweet

Nebraska, United States of America

Favorite Yoga Pose: Vasisthasana

Mary is our love gangster and yoga slanger. She intends to play! Mary owns the Lotus House of Yoga; a lovely Vinyasa studio. Affirmats loves our peaceful warrior, Mary, whom’s godfather is Ashtanga and sister is rock n’ roll. “Gracefully tip toe along the fierce edge of your practice; expect sweat, love, and OM.” – Mary Clare Sweet

Yoga Stories & Adventures:                                                                       

Gigi Yogini

Santa Monica, California U.S.A.

Favorite Yoga Pose: Savasana, when it’s well deserved

Our awesome So-­‐Cal ambassador, Gigi Yogini teaches yoga in a way that promotes confidence and courage, both on and off the mat! She’s a total advocate for positivity; we adore that. Her classes are designed to strengthen both the body and mind with progressive sequencing, options for modifications, the use of affirmations, and a constant reminder to listen to your inner teacher. PURE affirmats lifestyle!

Yoga Stories & Adventures:                                                                       

Brienne Salango

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Favorite Yoga Pose: Supta Matsyendrasana

Yoga with Brie breathes in love! She is inspired by all things outdoors, quite the adventurer this one is! She is a certified Vinyasa Teacher specializing in the anatomy of the body. Her mountain trail runs are her place of sanctuary. Follow her journies at Yoga with Brie. “The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” – Brienne

Yoga Stories & Adventures:                                                                       

Wala'a S AlMuhaiteeb

Doha, Qatar

Favorite Yoga Pose: Virabhadrasana II

Our most recent ambassador, Wala’a Al Muhaiteeb is the founder of the beautiful The Color Recipe. She is in a ground-­‐breaking field as a color therapist and a yoga teacher. She discovered how to use color to overcome her fears and become her true self… revolutionary! Color me happy! She now uses color yoga and color meditation to help women live their lives they’ve always wanted, to be happy and live life fully with color.

Yoga Stories & Adventures:                                    !blog/c1q0h

Ask For Life, UAE (official partner)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Favorite Yoga Pose: Life Coaching / Smiling

We love Ask for Life's core mission: the realization that everyone deserves happiness and a peaceful mind. Ask for Life helps people become who he/she truly wants to be. Ask for Life and its team of coaches guides people through their life to achieve the happiness, success and goals their clients wish to. It offers a integral full body coaching concept with various coaches for any mind, any body or any business. Ask for Life believes happiness and success starts from the inside no matter what someone wishes and wants to achieve; this is where the Ask for Life Concept starts.

Ask for Life's Website              Ask for Life's Facebook
Ask for Life's Instagram          Ask for Life's Twitter