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We've all been there. Cramped seats on airplanes, Heavy luggage to haul. Going on vacation shouldn't be this hard right? This is when Yoga REALLY comes in handy.

Yoga's a wonderful exercise that doesn't require any special equipment yet helps with strength and flexibility.  If you are traveling on business and can't find time to get away to find a class nearby, doing Yoga on your Affirmats Yoga Mat in your hotel room will scratch that itch.

Start your trip off right

We recommend practicing some moves as soon as you arrive at the airport.

San Francisco International Airport recently opened a dedicated yoga room. Other airports have fitness centers on-site that offer day passes.

But there's much you can do even while sitting in your seat at the gate or on the plane. Try an Eagle Arm pose while sitting. All that is required is positioning your right arm under your left arm, then vice versa.

If you are stuck on an airplane or in the airport, there are many different yoga poses you can practice in a chair to keep the blood flowing and get a little workout in as well.


If you can't remember all your poses, online classes are available at such websites as YogaGlo.com. Pay an $18 monthly fee, and you can get instruction anywhere you go. Some websites allow you to download classes onto your iPod. Many instructors offer free instruction in YouTube videos. Just take out your Affirmats Yoga Mat and start doing your down dog.

If you prefer the physical company of an instructor and classmates, there are plenty of studios that let people drop in for about $15 to $20 while on vacation.

We recommend calling to confirm the style, time and request feedback on the instructor and find out if a reservation is necessary.

Fresh air is refreshing

For a cheaper alternative, take your Affirmats Yoga Mat to a local park or  beach and practice while getting some fresh air.  If you have a brand new Affirmats Yoga Mat, doing some Asanas in the sun is a great way to break your new mat in.

While traveling, develop a routine for the road. Ask your favorite instructor for a private lesson, and have him or her customize a travel routine for you.

Try not to push yourself too hard when on the road.

You don't have to do a full 90 or even 60 minutes. If you're crunched on time, you can do an abbreviated practice.

The best strategy, is to practice your routine first thing in the morning.

Travel schedules tend to throw us off our routines, so doing your practice first thing in the morning will ground you (and) help reinvigorate normal body functions

Remember, when you're on vacation, you are FREE from all of the chaotic baggage that life brings your way.


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