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Yoga for a stress-free life isn't just for adults anymore, with parents enrolling their three to 10-year-olds for yoga classes as well.

While there are a host of physical activities available for children, why are parents choosing yoga for their kids? Yoga is like playtime for kids. Yoga teaches kids to be disciplined and improved their concentration. At the end of the day, kids don't need to gain muscles. They have to improve their grasping power and discipline and stay healthy.

Training kids in yoga isn't quite the same as teaching it to adults, and instructors have to use their imagination liberally to hold the little ones' attention. It is difficult for children to sit at one place. So a good way to keep them still is to teach them different asanas while telling them stories like Rabbit and the Tortoise, The Fox and the Crane and even Cinderella. This way, they can also learn while practicing yoga. Try to concentrate on their memory and growth while teaching asanas. Also give them different tasks to enhance their imagination.

Since such young children do not understand how to practice pranayama, try teaching them the basic ones, like the Mountain asana, which helps in increasing energy level, or Vriksasana (Tree Pose), which aids in strengthening their hand and leg muscles. To make it much simpler for the little ones you can also teaches them asanas to the tunes of Nursery rhymes.

Explore these teachings and watch your little ones become superheroes in a flash.


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