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Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore sounds like the best school ever. Why? Because there’s no such thing as detention at the Baltimore Elementary.

Yep, you heard that correctly. Instead they have a Mindful Moment Room, a brightly colored “oasis of calm” that looks about as far as you can get from the windowless detention rooms typically used to punish unruly kids. It’s part of an after-school programme called Holistic Me, an initiative that teaches children to practice mindful meditation and breathing exercises while encouraging them to talk to behavioral professionals. The programme works in partnership with a local non-profit called the Holistic Life Foundation, and the results so far have been pretty impressive. In fact, since first taking part in the programme two years ago, Robert W. Coleman hasn’t issued a single suspension.

The yoga program has enabled those children to do meditation techniques and instead of them reacting and getting angry, they've learned how to meditate and redirect their anger.

if you've got a kid who acts out or has trouble managing his or her anger, it might help to try some Meditation.

You can also practice these Affirmats tips:

  • Take a "brain break." Encourage kids to break from homework or another stressful situation to take a deep breath and calm themselves for three to five minutes to quiet their minds, be present, and just focus.
  • Practice mindful awareness during everyday activities such as walking and eating, to teach kids to truly be in that moment.
  • Do it with them. Set the example for your kids by taking a few moments a day to close your eyes and notice your breath, your thoughts, your emotions, and your body sensations, with kindness and curiosity.

Do These tips on our popular, "i am a superhero" mat and see what develops in your kids awareness.


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