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Is Yoga A Good Weight Loss Strategy?

The number of calories that you burn off doing yoga will depend on which style of yoga you choose and your current body weight, as well as how long your yoga sessions last. Doing 60 minutes of Hatha yoga, which is the most popular form of yoga, will burn off roughly 298 calories if you have a body weight of 155+ pounds. Burning 298 calories an hour is very good news from a weight loss perspective, so yoga should be a component of a holistic weight loss strategy. When coupled with proper diet, regular yoga sessions will help a person to slim down, tone up and relax.

Cut carbs while you do regular yoga

People who want to lose weight need to know that diet is extremely important. Exercise matters, but so does what we put into our bodies. Yoga fans who are committed to slimming down should enjoy regular yoga sessions a few times per week. They should also cut carbs.

Certain low-carb diets, such as the Keto Diet and Atkins, are highly effective means of dropping pounds rapidly. With the Keto Diet, carbs are replaced with fats. This pushes the body into a state of ketosis, which makes it simpler for the body to burn fat for energy. Atkins is a four-phase diet that is about restricting white rice, white bread and other “bad” carbs, and eating more fat and protein.  Investigating these low-carb diets and trying one that you prefer will be a good way to maximize the weight loss benefits of Yoga.

Consider hot Yoga sessions

One way to boost the weight loss benefits of yoga is to begin taking “Hot Yoga” classes. With hot yoga, poses are performed in a very warm room. Participants sweat a lot. Calorie burn during an hour of Hot Yoga will typically range between 400 and 600. Some people respond better to hot yoga than others. It may or may not be right for you. Bear in mind that fast weight loss after a hot yoga session is generally due to water loss. Replacing the water will boost body weight. The best advice is to try this form of yoga and see if it makes you feel invigorated or drained. Listen to what your body is telling you.

Now that you know some hard facts about yoga and weight loss, including roughly how many calories different forms of yoga will burn per hour, and how a low-carb diet will optimize weight loss benefits from yoga, you’ll be ready to slim down the healthy way. Yoga does more than burn calories. It’s holistic, which means it’s good for the whole body, plus the mind and spirit. Regular yoga will help you to lose weight and feel at peace.


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