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Are you looking for the perfect your diet to support those poses?  From Downward Dog to Lotus pose, huge improvements can be achieved by considering preparation and diet.

The practice of Yoga originates from as long as 5,000 years ago. Being at one with nature has been a key theme in this ancient Hindu practice which began in northern India.  In the modern western world, yoga is becoming more popular and it can be followed by anybody with only a few pieces of special yoga equipment. Regardless of race or religion, these days the emphasis lies on spirituality, and the desire to be at one with nature.


Finding unity with nature

The meaning of the word ‘Yoga’ in Sanskrit (the ancient language of Hinduism) is ‘union’ which, in the practice of yoga, can be understood on different levels.  Yoga can be defined as a philosophy which, by the use of physical and mental disciplines, facilitates liberation from the modern, material world and promotes unity with the surrounding natural world enabling a sense of ‘Supreme Being’.  The element of mental discipline, including meditation, associated with yoga has been shown to produce positive changes to the human brain, thereby promoting emotional well being and an improved mental state in people with depression or anxiety.


To enable the higher being state the discipline often extends to some focus on diet and nutrition.  A yoga diet should be pure and nourishing to enable a calm mind and fit body which are in balance. Pure food, in yoga terms, is described as ‘Sattvic’, meaning light, full of goodness and pure.  Examples are fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables, pulses, seeds and grains. Specific types of these foods contain large quantities of important nutrients, and are known as superfoods that promote health and longevity.  Examples of such superfoods include blueberries, quinoa and avocados.  Foods belonging to this group contain large amounts of antioxidants and phytonutrients which guard against disease, especially cancer, thereby promoting good health.


Eating super-foods for super-human health

Eating such pure and nutrient rich food brings the body to a more receptive condition to achieve higher yoga states and goals.  Super-foods are thought to promote energy, drive and enthusiasm and improved flexibility to create amazing yoga poses. By following the super food diet, you would be forgiven for feeling more than a bit super-human.



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