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Statistics indicate that 50 million Americans suffer from allergies every year. These numbers have been on the rise in the last couple of years. While these numbers are stark in themselves, what is even more worrying is that children with two parents with allergies have 60% to 80% of developing allergies themselves. Allergies can be quite a drag and it may be difficult to find a lasting solution for them. However, you may be surprised to discover that different aspects of yoga can help with a large number of them. 

While yoga has been heralded as something of a miracle answer to the problems facing our era, many will be surprised to learn that it is also a remedy for allergies, especially those that cause chest congestions and breathing difficulties. There are some poses that are purposefully dedicated to opening up your chest.

Bow Pose

Bow pose, or Dhanarusana, is one of the wonderful backbends in yoga that opens up your chest while strengthening your back muscles. This helps decongest your chest when you are struggling with allergies caused by mold or dust. This pose is relatively simple: once you've warmed your spine and lower back, just lie face down on your mat with your legs stretched out behind you. Stretch your hands behind your back and grab your legs just below your ankles. After this, pull your feet in using your arms until your chest and thighs are off the ground. Bow pose is wonderful as a chest opener 

Camel Pose

Another great pose for opening up your chest is the camel pose. Camel pose is a great pose as it can be easily modified to fit everyone's level of experience and flexibility. When done properly, camel pose opens the chest and stretches the abdominal walls as well as the shoulders. To do this pose correctly, start on your knees with your legs hip-width apart. Stretch your arms up behind you so they rest on your heels as you push your hips forward and lift your chest. Reach back and gaze behind you. Hold this for five breaths and then release.

Cobra pose 

The Cobra makes up one of the most essential poses in sun salutations and is also a powerful heart opener that can help chest congestions and ease difficult breathing as it opens the lungs. You can opt for a low or high cobra variation depending on your level of skill and flexibility and combine with other exercises to open your chest.

Yoga is not only good for your overall health and wellness, but is also great for opening up your chest and alleviating allergy symptoms that affect your respiratory system.


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