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A Tranquil Space Can Empower Your Yoga Practice

Recent research suggests that many of the most important benefits of practicing yoga, such as emotional regulation, a calmer mind, and a reduction in anxiety are closely impacted by the frequency and longevity of your practice. This is especially true for people primarily motivated to practice yoga for the mental health benefits - as opposed to more direct physical health goals. So, not only can a dedicated yoga space help support your practice by making it easier to get on the mat more frequently, but the same study also suggests how your yoga space itself can affect the results you see. In other words, a tranquil and inspiring space can help you achieve the right state of mind and set yourself up for success. 

Creating A Sanctuary

There’s a lot you can do to make your at-home yoga space more tranquil. Simply eliminating clutter and making sure your space is away from noisy appliances can make a big difference in delineating the space in which you practice yoga both physically and mentally. From there, additions like essential oil diffusers, candles, and inspiring objects can further empower you in this space.

By creating a space in your home, you’re also creating a space in your mind, and providing yourself with a physical reminder of your goals and intentions. One way to think about this is to strive for stimulation of all five senses. Creating intentional focal points in this way can help you resist distractions, from stray noises drifting in, to strange smells you’ve never noticed in the room before. Candles are great for creating a multi-sensory focal point, providing both light and calming scents. Even better are woodwick candles, and similar varieties, that provide a calming, soft, crackling noise as well.

The Sounds, Smells, and Sights of Tranquility

Another good option for auditory support is relaxation music or a nature sound soundtrack. Different people find different soundscapes more conducive to tranquility. You might like very sparse tracks of bell sounds, created for tranquil meditation, or a full instrumental music track. For smells that promote a tranquil state, essential oil diffusers work especially well. You can find the scents that are most calming to you, and your diffuser will provide a subtle, comforting scent throughout your practice.

Finally, you’ll want visual stimulation that inspires without distracting. Adding objects that provide a personal source of comfort can be especially powerful. Sacred objects can both promote a tranquil state, and inspire you, reminding you of your reasons for engaging in a yoga practice in the first place. As you seek to create a tranquil mind state through your yoga and meditation practice, don’t forget the ways in which your environment itself can impact mindfulness. A few simple changes to your home yoga space can empower your everyday practice to be more effective and meaningful to you.


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