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Whether you are an experienced yogi or you just started practicing yoga, everyone has had that aggravating sufferance of a slippery yoga mat.  That feeling of your hands sliding off of your mat while trying so vigorously to maintain your balance, staying in the moment and breathing not only can be arduous, but it can make us feel a little enraged, which tends to devalue from the reason we are doing yoga in the first place.

New Affirmats Yoga Mats require you to break them in before they’re ready for prime time, just like a new pair of shoes. With these easy tips for breaking in your new Affirmats Yoga Mat, you’ll be ready to enjoy class slip-free before you know it!

Salt scrub: Your face isn’t the only thing that needs exfoliating. In fact, your Affirmats Yoga mat could use a quick trip to the spa as well! One great way to break in your new Affirmats Yoga Mat to prevent both slipping and that new mat smell is to mix sea salt with a bit of warm water and wipe down your Affirmats Yoga Mat with a washcloth or stiff-bristled brush. Then, wipe the mat clean with a wet towel. The salt scrub mimics the effects of long-time use and can help to speed up the break-in period.

Use your mat frequently: Okay, so maybe this isn’t the most exciting tip, but it definitely works! Not only should you be using your Affirmats Yoga Mat frequently in practice, but you can bring it home and use it even more to speed up the process. Practice your poses from class or kick off your shoes and walk on it with your bare feet while you watch TV!

Wipe it down regularly: This tip is especially useful for people that use oils or moisturizers on their skin. While things like sweat might help break in your Affirmats Yoga Mat faster, body products often have the opposite effect. If you do hot yoga, it’s not uncommon to have even your hair products leak onto your mat. These products are often oil-based and can leave your mat coated in a slipper layer. Simply wipe your Affirmats Yoga Mat down with a warm washcloth after class to prevent these products from staying on your mat.

Give these tips a try when breaking in your new Affirmats Yoga Mat and watch as you magically turn into that AWEsome Yogi that you are.



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