Our Mission

Affirmats adds an emotional layer to yoga by wrapping form, function, and a dash of inspiration in PURE LOVE.

It’s simple, life gets crazy and yoga makes us happy. Not only are these mats comfortable and stylish, but gives each of us a little affirmation to get us going through the day.

Celebrating the small victories and reminding yourself to be thankful are just the perks you get from the inspirations while you become the yogi you want to be from a high quality, biodegradable and ergonomically friendly mat to help you master those advanced poses.

Our Teams - Affirmats Jason Graham - Founder

Jason Graham - Founder

 Jason has longed believed that "LOVE" is the key to happiness. Ever since he was a child he has uttered the words, "I am Healthy, I am Wealthy, I am LOVE. He had no idea that years later he would fall in love with yoga as an escape from the roller coaster ride of pursuing an acting career and use those same words as his daily affirmation. It was during a meditation session that he was open to receiving a desire to spread LOVE all around the world through affirmations. And what better way than having these messages appear before you while you're in down dog on your yoga mat. Hence the birth of "Affirmats."


Kelsea Davis - COO

I am Free and I am Grateful

Kelsea is our passionate award-winning Director and Producer whom happens to passionately love playing Yoga. After being raised in the Lone Star State, Texas, Kelsea moved to Sunny California to graduate College. Although she is a Texan at heart, Kelsea loves the constant sun, beach, and yoga vibes she gets to be apart of here in So-Cal.

Her management skills and affection for yoga is what brought Kelsea to affirmats. She had a high national-ranking during her swimming career and has transferred her dedication from swimming to Yoga and Pilates. If Kelsea isn’t playing with her Great Dane, Lars, or working on her next film project, you can find her surrounded by her affirmats. Her yoga room is full of affirmats; and is a tranquil place surrounded by green hills for her and her friends to come relax and breathe in love while playing yoga.

“Keep following your dreams; believe you can make them come true.”

Jessica Jablonski - Sales Guru

Born and raised in New York, I have always had a calling for the west coast and that Pacific blue ocean! After attending school for environmental studies, I began a 14 year long career in pharmaceutical marketing and sales. I am so happy that journey led me to the indescribable Santa Monica, California lifestyle. Truly choosing to follow my dreams, I recently ended my career in Pharma to fully venture into the yoga community.

The position of Sales Guru with Affirmats has truly been a blessing. I am thrilled to be able to spread the positive message, the joy and the uniqueness of these inspiring mats and love connecting with so many incredible yogis. I am also a certified childrens yoga instructor through YogaBuddies and YogaWorks and a FitProElite for Splits59 and feel so lucky to be able to impact lives through the practice of yoga.

When I am not on my Affirmat, I am most likely in the ocean paddleboarding or beach cruisin around this wonderful place I call home. One of my students once said to me “Yoga Peaces Me.” I think that just about sums up how grateful I am for this life I lead and I am thrilled to spread the LOVE through Affirmats.

Myrah Penaloza & Robindra Mohar – Social Media and Strategy Gurus

Myrah followed her heart and recently moved to Edmonton from Los Angeles, California. She has been sharing her love and passion for human potential as a yoga instructor and coach for the past 8 years in Los Angeles. She began her journey with the Kundalini yoga teacher training in Hollywood with Gurmukh in 2003 and then moving on to the Yoga Works teacher training in 2005 and 2009 in Santa Monica. Myrah has completed 900 hours of yoga alliance certified teacher training.

Over the past 2 years Myrah has primarily focused on teaching Anatomy at the University of Riverside for their Iyengar based Yoga teacher training. Myrah has also assisted yoga teacher trainings internationally for Ashiyana Yoga in Goa, India as well as Alto Pariso, Brazil.

Myrah teaches a fusion of both Kundalini and Hatha Yoga called "Kundalini Flow" and she is also currently teaching SATTVA yoga at The Yoga Lot. Myrah is certified to teach Vinyasa power yoga from YogaWorks.

Dedicating her life and practice to constantly learn and explore all life accelerating workshops and trainings so she can deepen her gifts to share with the world. Her intention is to share life transformational tools to inspire and ignite your life.