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Yoga Mat | Premium Quality Unique Mats Triple Line CUSTOM affirmat - Affirmats
Triple Line CUSTOM affirmat Triple Line CUSTOM affirmat Triple Line CUSTOM affirmat Triple Line CUSTOM affirmat

Triple Line CUSTOM affirmat

$124.00 USD $105.00 USD



(Triple line affirmation)

That's right, we said CUSTOM. Pick your own affirmation, mantra, or words to be placed at the top of the yoga mat.

Affirmations: We get it: sometimes it's rough out there. Get on your mat and let it out; affirmations have the power to motivate you and even support you during your workout session. What mantra inspires you?

custom affirmat

This mat will contain three lines at the top. We recommend no more then 4 words; however, 5 words is possible. 

Size: 25" x 69"

Thickness: 5mm

Color: Marigold, Purple, or Slate Blue

Custom affirmations are hand-embroidered. Affirmations are embroidered with colors already matched with mat-color chosen. Marigold: orange/red and green font. Purple: sea foam green and red font.  Turquoise: white and red font. Slate Blue: Purple and Orange font.

Phthalates free! Latex Free! Heavy Metal Free!

- Eco-Friendly
- Jute/ECO-per Blend
- Non-Toxic
- Slip resistant
- AWEsome



An email will be sent with a confirmation mock-up. Please confirm within in 48 hours of receiving email. If confirmation is not received mat will be made according to mock-up. 

It will take 3-8weeks to receive Custom Yoga Mats. We are working on expediting this process currently and there is a large chance you could receive custom yoga mat earlier

*Graphic Designs may be available. Please contact to discuss options and pricing.